History Mansystems

2013 Partnership with ServiceHeroes. With the product ServiceHighway services can improve in such a way that customers can be helped more quickly.
2012 Opening offices in South Africa.
2011 Mansystems 20 years active in Service Management.
2010 Mansystems becomes a partner of Mendix.
2009 Mansystems acquires N-Tuition Business Solutions AG, Neu-Isenburg, Germany- Mansystems achieves “Endorser of the European Code of Conduct for Data Centres” status. Read more about the initiative of the European Commission.- Introduction of the OpenDCME Open Source Model.- Mansystems launches the Planboxx solution. Integrated Ressource planning in Service Management.
2007 Mansystems establishes Mansystems Deutschland GmbH in Saarbrücken, Germany.
2005 Mansystems introduces the Solution Partner System in Europe to promote, implement and support her ExpertDesk Service Management solution throughout Europe.
1999 –    Foundation Mansystems Polska Sp. z.o.o., Radom, Poland.
–    Mansystems introduces the employee shareholder program. All employees are entitled to buy company stock certificates; more than 95% Mansystems employees now own a part of the company.
1997 Mansystems opens her facilities for the Mansystems Educational Center.
1996 Foundation Mansystems Nederland BV., Barneveld, The Netherlands.
1995 Mansystems develops the first version of her ‘out-of-the-box’ service management solution: ExpertDesk Service Management.
1991 Mansystems has her beginnings as Remedy Business Unit of ESD BV, a security company.
► Mansystems achieves Remedy Partner status in Europe: first Remedy Partner in The Netherlands.
►  Mansystems becomes ‘Remedy Educational Center’.