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VtsPN finds required functionality in Service Management Tool ExpertDesk®
According to Rene Heutinck, Head of Service Management at vtsPN, it is of the essence that the application offers extensive access features per process, per function, per person as well as a combination of these items. “We had to be able to assign user permissions (read, write, modify) to each field as well as register actions (audits). Data separation (multitenancy) was crucial also, because each VG had responsibilities in its own area. These features we found in Mansystems’ service management application “ExpertDesk”.
VtsPN finds required functionality in Service Management Tool ExpertDesk

Saarlandian government audits its data centres regarding ecology and efficiency
“”You cannot submit an objective review on something you haven’t planned by yourself. Therefore we asked the specialized Mansystems staff to support us when proceeding the efficiency-check in our data center. Mansystems made us recognize the actual status quo, gave recommendations for improvements and helped us in this way to become a member of the European Code of Conduct.” Oliver Schirra, Landesamt für Zentrale Dienste.