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Mendix World Recap

Mendix CTO: Time to Take Cloud Apps to Higher Level of Abstraction

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At its core, cloud computing is about managing IT at a higher level of abstraction and then automating the management of it. Speaking at Mendix World 2014, Mendix CTO Johan den Haan says the time has come to start applying those same concepts to applications. “Writing code is sluggish; we need to apply abstraction and automation,” says den Haan. “It’s time to focus on what really matters: applications. We are blurring the line between user and developer,” says den Haan. “These people are composing applications for the business that are built by the business.”

To accelerate the process Mendix this week unfurled the Mendix AppCloud, a new service layer on top of the Mendix App Platform that abstracts the complexity of designing, building, sharing and even selling applications. As part of that cloud service, Mendix is providing customers with an unlimited number of sandbox development environments to build and deploy applications; a Launchpad capability that provides a single point of entry through which they can access all their applications; and an App Store through which they can share, publish and sell their applications.

Among the first applications to be published in Mendix AppCloud is our own IT service management application ExpertDesk .

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Mendix Press Release

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Mendix mentions Mansystems in their World Press Release.

Mendix, the enterprise app platform as a service company, has announced the launch of the Mendix AppCloud. The AppCloud is a new service layer that sits on top of the Mendix App Platform, bringing together data, end users, business analysts, developers and ISV partners in a single cloud environment and fundamentally changing the way modern business apps are built, shared and consumed.

Mendix AppCloud Highlights:

The AppCloud provides access to a growing set of open cloud services that allow end users, developers and IT administrators to easily build, share and use apps in one place:

A Marketplace of Apps by the Community, for the Community – The Mendix AppCloud connects developers and applications across the Mendix Community of customers, partners and independent developers. Developers can easily create their own app services and share them privately or publicly through the Mendix App Store. The App Store already includes hundreds of community-built apps, templates and app services. Examples by Mendix ISV partners are a full-fledged IT service management app (named ExpertDesk) by Mansystems.

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Mendix live with ExpertDesk in just 4 weeks!

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Mendix wants to deliver excellent service to their customers.
After asking feedback to the community of customers and partners about the current support process, Mendix decided to change the Mendix Support Portal, which is used by customers and partners to report issues, submit feedback and ask for help.

Joris Erlings, manager Customer Support at Mendix says:
“Guided by the business case, we choose to implement ExpertDesk from Mansystems. This service management application was built on Mendix so this gave us, besides great functionality out of the box, a way to easily and quickly tailor it to our own business needs!”

At this moment Mendix decided to implement the modules incident management and request management.

If you want to know more, please read the full story at the Mendix blog or download it now.