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ARSXLink 2.0 Blog MendixBlog: Mendix choses ExpertDesk
ARSLink for SolutionManager ServiceDesk Blog mendixWarchild project IPC app
ARSLink for Solutions Mangager ChaRM
ARS Report LInk

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Success Stories

ExpertDesk 9.1 features list More flexibility and growth for Talk & Vision
ExpertDesk 9.1 Releasenotes Plessey controls their IT environment with ExpertDesk
ExpertDesk our enterprise application on Mendix Reggefiber automates its entire order process
ExpertDesk 2pager T-Systems gets increasing service requests under
control with ExpertDesk
Tele2 automates service chains across company boundaries

Floxxium Product information

Migros realizes in-house helpdesk increased transparency
and decreased cost
Floxxium; Do you know what customers expect from your service? Ziggo shortens incident resolve time
Cofely Energy & Infra BV, From registering and reporting to ‘real-time’ control

General Product information

Online Channel Portal for Eurofiber’s Fiber Optic Network
Application lifecycle management – 24×7 if you wish VtsPN finds required functionality in
service management tool
Extend and combine existing systems Warchild case study by MendixWarchild Case Study (Engels version by Mendix)
Innovative B2B portals with Mendix International consultancy job at IKEA
Management, more than maintaining your systems Large Telco improves first time resolution and service quality with ServiceHighway
Software as a Service
End to End ITSM in large organisations: a transition proces (Whitepaper)

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Introducing the Mansystems Test Framework (MTF -whitepaper)  MTF 1 04 FAQs
Mansystems Test Framework (MTF – flyer)

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Service Productivity Platform