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Do you want to be the successful, modern service organisation?

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Do you want super motivated employees on your workfloor?

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Floxxium is built ground-up with transparency in mind. At all time your organization has an overview on who is servicing which customer, as well as the status of all requests your organization has taken responsibility for.

Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence

Floxxium has a three-layer communication system, in order to enable the entire organization to make use of the collective intelligence. All users are stimulated to participate to bring your customers the best possible service.

Autonomy & Self-managing

Autonomy & Self-managing

Floxxium gives users autonomy so they can set up Floxxium exactly as they want, to fit purpose. Common sense always pre-fails with Floxxium, allowing users to override the system if needed. Users can follow topics of customers, or any other information as Floxxium adapts to your way of working.

Time and place indepentent

Time and place indepentent

Customer service never stops. Using the Floxxium apps, your employees and customers will always have access to the systems, no matter where they are.

With Floxxium we are able to answer or solve 98% of the customers requests. Before Floxxium this percentage was significantly lower, a large increase.Ben Sigar, Business Line Manager ABZ Financial Service


  • You can deliver excellent service to your customers.
  • Available in the Cloud.
  • You can start immediately. No training needed.
  • Available for a very low price.

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ABZ - CNMS - Intense IT
JMA - MarketScan - VB Groep
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