Data Center Efficiency

Data Center Efficiency (DCE)

Mansystems’ Data Center Efficiency service is focused on optimal utilization of people and resources within your data center. Data Center Efficiency is literally a ‘hot’ topic. The cost of traditional data center models is escalating out of control. Massive power densities, environmental awareness coupled with explosive growth demands, have changed the way data centers need to be designed and operated.

Can you save costs in your Data Center without investing in new Hardware? Absolutely! The result is a significant reduction of costs (up to 40%).

  • Negen nieuwe leden voor energieconvenant van EZ, doel: energiebesparing
    Negen nieuwe leden voor energieconvenant van EZ, doel: energiebesparing
    Groene IT is efficiënte IT
     Groene IT is efficiënte IT
    Crisistijd, ideaal voor een grote schoonmaak
    Crisistijd, ideaal voor een grote schoonmaak
    Efficientie in datacenters is om te huilen
     Efficientie in datacenters is om te huilen
    Open DCME beoogde prestatiemaat voor datacenters
     Open DCME beoogde prestatiemaat voor datacenters

  •  "Onze toetreding tot de EU Code of Conduct bevestigt onze koppositie op het gebied van duurzaamheid en energie-efficiëntie in onze datacenters. Door de samenwerking met Mansystems zijn we in staat geweest om nieuwe kansen te herkennen voor nog meer efficiëntie” Peter de Jong, COO van Bytesnet en R-iX:

  • Paolo Bertoldi, Programma Manager CoC Europese Commissie: “De Europese Commissie hoopt van harte dat Mansystems de Code of Conduct actief blijft stimuleren. We hebben Mansystems gekozen als Endorser of the Year, omdat zij ervoor gezorgd heeft dat we in 2011 veel nieuwe toetreders tot de Code of Conduct konden goedkeuren, zowel in Nederland als Duitsland.”Endorser of the year

  • Het is belangrijk dat de energie-efficiëntie van datacenters gemaximaliseerd wordt, hierdoor kunnen we ervoor zorgen dat koolstofdioxide-emissies en toename in energieconsumptie verminderd worden". – Europese Commissie, JRCEndorser of the year

Massive growth result in more than just Energy Concerns

Managing the growing sprawl of physical and virtual components in the data center strains the already thinly stretched IT resources. In order to cope with these factors, the efficiency of the data center needs to be improved drastically.

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European Code of Conduct for Data Center Efficiency

The Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission has recently created a Code of Conduct for data centers.

Find out why you should consider signing the EC Code of Conduct for Data Centers?

  • Gain insight into your current capacity and growth potential
  • Understand your true cost of operating
  • Gain invaluable input for decision processes for current and future IT/DC infrastructure investment
  • Apply “best practices” and experience immediate and long term cost reduction
  • Find “new” capacity in your current environment
  • Defer the need for capital investments
  • Free space for future growth

Social Issue

Furthermore, the extent of energy usage of data centers is no longer a company-problem only. More and more this is becoming a social issue. It is estimated that IT equipment generates about 2% of the total global carbon dioxide emissions (roughly the same as the airline industry) and is increasing rapidly. Read the full article byGartner.

Public responses from local (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs), as well as European governmental organizations (the Joint Research Center of the European Community) now have direct impact on the daily work of IT- and Data Center managers.

Get the status of signee of the Code of Conduct with Mansystems’ FastTrack

To accomplish and preserve the CoC signee status it is required that you create and implement improvement plans as well as providing a yearly status and progress report to the European Community.

Mansystems is by virtue of its long-standing knowledge and experience with data center infrastructures, IT infrastructures and end to end service management, uniquely positioned to help you.

Aside from better control over IT spending and direct cost savings, other aspects associated with signing the Code of Conduct are of importance:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Emission reduction is part of ‘good corporate citizenship’
  • Good corporate citizenship can be a requirement when doing business with local and regional governments


The Mansystems Blue IT Portal will provide you with trend analysis on energy consumption and the respective KPI’s over time for self improvement. It will facilitate embedding of guide lines for cost reduction, risk mitigation and sustainability. It will also provide reporting capabilities for different stake holders.


With our FastTrack analysis, we quickly identify your attainable efficiency gains and how you could meet the European Code of Conduct for energy-efficient data centers.