Service in the cloud

Why Service in the Cloud?

With ExpertDesk Saas, Mansystems created an on-demand service management solution for the small or mid-sized organization. Just as with Mansystems’ solution for enterprise organizations, ExpertDesk Seven, we introduced our 20 years of practical experience in service management into the creation of our software-as-a-service solution. ExpertDesk SaaS is a service management tool that owns everything that a service organization needs to manage her processes. ExpertDesk SaaS is designed to improve your ability to respond and therefore improve the quality of your service delivery.

Service in the Cloud

Service in the Cloud works only when everybody wants the same

Service in the Cloud

Why Software-as-a-Service still makes Sense

The first excitement about software-as-a-service or on-demand software has subsided. Still experts agree that the opportunities for SaaS applications are still growing and could even double in the coming years. The same is true for Software-as-a-Service applied to improve service delivery.

Why is ExpertDesk SaaS getting increasingly popular?

  • Low initial investment
  • Resource planning included
  • Ready-to-use in a few days
  • Modular expandability
  • Up-to-date technology
  • 100% web-based