Mansystems Support

More than maintaining your system

Mansystems Customer Care Center offers a wide range of high quality support services. We provide our clients with a dedicated software upgrade team, preventative maintenance checks for system health, quality control testing and more. Apart from our own ExpertDesk Service Management tool we also support third party products.

Mansystems Support

Mansystems supports:

  • Mansystems’ ExpertDesk
  • Mendix
  • BMC Remedy

Application management

The people in our support team are dedicated to keep your service management application up to date and in optimal working order. Choose the kind of support level that suits your organization and monitor the resolution times we commit to in our service level agreements.Please contact our sales department for contract policies.

Support Options

Our support options offer unique SLA’s and services to maximize your service management project.

To best accommodate our customers’ specific support needs, Mansystems offers four different support levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and à la Carte support option.

With these layered service level agreements, Mansystems demonstrates its commitment to achieving the highest standard in customer satisfaction. And because Mansystems provides fixed resolution times, not only do we guarantee to respond within an agreed time period, but we commit to a resolution time as well.

Each support option includes the following services:

  • Access to Mansystems’ customer portal: submit new calls, view status of pending calls, or search the knowledge database for other users’ solutions to similar problems
  • Access to the BMC Remedy ARS customer portal
  • Free new software versions
  • Committed resolution times
  • Transfer of licenses from one server to another
  • Monthly management reports