Delivering more service without extra effort – Is it really possible?

Delivering more service without extra effort – Is it really possible?

  • “We use ExpertDesk to support our entire glass fiber delivery chain. By using the ‘Zero Touch’ principle in ExpertDesk, it was possible to completely automate the order flow from Reggefiber’s customers to its subcontractors, including the monitoring of SLA’s,” says Everhard Wienke, Manager Development at Reggefiber Operations

    Reggefiber automates its entire order process

  • “The links to other suppliers enable us to assign tasks electronically as well as to track and trace their progress. This boosted the quality of our service delivery as well as our employees’ efficiency, says Max Mientjes, Manager Service Assurance at Tele2

    Tele2 automates service chains across company boundaries

Your customers’ service expectations grow

More and more your organization expects you to deliver more services faster. As continually more options are offered to the user, e.g. service portals and templates, the work burden on your service desk employees keeps on rising. Additional budget is out of the question. Less service? Out of the question as well.

Accomplish more with less

You want to automate as much as you can. Because you recognized that your employees do a lot of repetitive work with the side effect of dropping motivation. If you can achieve that the more challenging tasks are assigned to your employees and the simpler and repetitive tasks are automated, you will be killing two birds with one stone.

Automated Service Management tool

It is possible to achieve this with ExpertDesk’s unique Automated Workflow functionality. With this feature, through a graphical module, you can simply automate repetitive tasks by reusing processes; so-called ‘Zero Touch’. It allows you to cut down process actions to a minimum and make the service process more efficient. Your employees deal with the remaining problems that are often new and more complex. Your customers will notice that they receive the support they need quicker, while your management will see that you are even able to reduce the costs of your service organization.

Gartner says:

-“Customer Service Struggles To Balance Cost With Satisfaction”

-“Leaders Focus On A Reproducible Service Experience”

Source: Forrester Trends 2011: Customer service

Generic (Automated) Workflow module

The module automates repetitive actions by displaying processes graphically. With the ‘Zero Touch’ feature, standard problems are solved automatically and without intervention from an employee. In this way, the employees can attend to non-standard problems.

Resulting in fewer costs, faster resolve times and work that is more challenging to the service desk. In case of new repetitive tasks, the module can be set up quickly. By cutting down manual actions, the workload is decreased by 30% easily.