Flexible management tool

Once again extra costs to modify your Service Management application?

  • "The strength of ExpertDesk is its flexibility. Our organization is always on the move. Modifying the system was done in no time.” Arjan Huisjes, Operations Manager at MST

    Cost reduction in maintenance commitments at Medisch Spectrum Twente

  • "Thanks to the flexibility ExpertDesk gives us, we’re able to realize our new business requirements much faster,” says Giuseppe Cancilleri, Manager of Systems Management at Migros.

    Migros realizes in-house helpdesk increased transparency and decreased cost

  • ”To us, the flexibility and integration options of ExpertDesk make the difference. That is why we use Mansystems’ ExpertDesk. The application provides us with much freedom in the workflow of our service process without losing control,” says Rob van den Boomgaard, Operations Manager at Talk & Vision

    More flexibility and growth for Talk & Vision

Help, my service management tool no longer fits!

You expected your service management application to evolve with the organization. What happens now though? With every process change your application has to be modified. Time and time again, customized work is added to the current ‘standard’ application. As a result of this, your costs of change rise considerably, let alone the costs involved with an upgrade.

Unique organization instead of process reengineering

You want a better match between your organization and the service management application. The application adapts and makes your organization unique, without radical and costly customization. Because you want to guarantee the best service delivery to your customers.

Flexible management tool

Thanks to ExpertDesk’s unique data-driven model it is possible. ExpertDesk allows you to configure the service management application in such a way that it fits your processes, even when they change. And because we made ExpertDesk’s latest version graphical, managing your application is even simpler now!

Gartner says:

“Gartner research shows that, even when provided with out-of-the-box templates and best practices, most IT organizations will allocate months to “tailor” them to their organizations’ unique needs”.

Data-Driven = Extremely Configurable:

Because data is the foundation of our software development, you can set up your application in much more various ways. If you want to have changes done, programming is not necessary and configuring is sufficient, because ExpertDesk is data-driven. With the advantage that the set up can be modified without programming. This shortens the implementation time considerably. The majority of changes in your organization that impact the ExpertDesk application can be implemented without having to program code. At the same time, because ExpertDesk was constructed graphically, managing it is even simpler.

Because of the system’s data-driven model, you will have a very flexible service management application at your disposal. Allowing you to achieve a considerable cost reduction and being able to anticipate your organization’s changing needs. ExpertDesk, designed for change!

That is ExpertDesk by Mansystems.