Maintenance management

Is your performance contract not profitable for lack of timely and correct data?

  • "The ExpertDesk application enables us to monitor by performance indicators. Resulting in more control over the performance contract’s commitments and SLA’s…” Jan Peter Stam, Program Manager at Cofely Energy & Infra

     From registering and reporting to ‘real-time’ control, Cofely Energy & Infra BV

  • “We want control of our maintenance process. ExpertDesk is an ITSM solution in which processes are well thought-out so that they match our maintenance process perfectly. We daily check our maintenance dashboard. At a glance, we can see the status” Arjan Huisjes, Operational Manager MST.

    Cost reduction in maintenance commitments at Medisch Spectrum Twente

Outsourced performance contract from the provider

More and more, maintenance is outsourced by means of a performance contract between customers and providers. If the agreements are met, the provider earns a bonus payment. If they are not met however, he ends up with a malus payment. When outsourcing maintenance, the customer often has strong control and imposes his maintenance management system on the provider. Yet, the customer’s system is often inadequate with regard to executing maintenance efficiently and profitably.

Managing your own indicators

You are looking for a tool that enables you to manage by your own performance indicators, such as customer specific KPI’s. You want insight in maintenance processes as well as the return on your contract.

Control over your contract

With ExpertDesk for Maintenance, the provider is back in control. It supports maintenance processes, monitors them proactively as well as notifies and escalates at the proper moments in the chain. In this way, malus payments are avoided and bonus payments are achieved!
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Gartner says:

The IT service desk market continues to play a significant role in the delivery of IT services to the corporate enterprise. Its fundamental role continues to incrementally grow, beyond the IT help desk role of the past, to a primary hub in the IT organization’s ability to define, deliver, manage and report on the IT organization’s service support delivery. Therefore, the scope of the IT service desk market continues to be shaped by the expanded definition of IT service desk, which not only manages core incident, knowledge, self-service and problem management, but also includes a large suite of tools, including change, service request, and SLA management. In addition, it integrates with other ITSM tools, including configuration management (CMDB or discovery repository), asset, service catalog and event management.” Source: Gartner trends ITSM Market 2011.

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