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Chances you are an innovative survivor. An innovative survivor is a leader in their field and innovates to keep creating value for their customers now and in the future. For over 20 years Mansystems has worked with these companies. Mansystems produced and sold solutions to make a positive impact through client partnerships and transformational software. Read more about us below.

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More than 25 years ago, we started building service management applications for enterprises in the rapid application platform called BMC Remedy ARS. Ten years ago, we transitioned towards the low-code development platform Mendix and SAP RAD to empower our customers to become digital innovators. Together, we innovate fast and first-time-right: A mission with a proven success.

What sets us apart?

Mansystems takes customers on a journey. Our consultants create a space in which innovation blossoms. These new ideas need to be realized fast but also first-time-right to create trust in the innovation process. That’s why we build applications fast using the Mendix and SAP RAD platform and first-time-right using our own Quality & Control solutions. And, we maintain these applications in our certified support center. All the while on this journey, we empower our customers with the Mansystems Mendix Academy to become independent in innovating and building their own applications. We give them the tools to build on top of the first app success and give them the best return-on-investment to keep innovating.


4 Offices


120 Employees


999 Solutions


8.7 Satisfaction rate


The Mansystems core values are cornerstones that support our vision to be the best place in the world.


Customer oriented

We are customer oriented and strive for every partner to become a fan of Mansystems. We strive to build healthy relationships with customers by identifying their needs and providing the best personalized experience.


We take initiative and advise customers. We immerse ourselves in the question-behind-the-question and try to understand the real problem before we come up with a solution. If we see room for improvement or see any problem arise, we take the initiative before our customer has to ask for help internally or externally.



We know that a chain is as strong as the weakest link. Our united role as Mansystems is crucial. When we take responsibility, we do so by setting appointments, deadlines and being on time. If this unexpectedly does not happen, we communicate this in advance and discuss what the alternatives are. We do not leave our colleagues or customers in the dark.


We think in terms of solutions and not problems. There is a solution for everything, we are creative! We cannot afford to have people holding back potential breakthroughs! Idea creation and creativity is directed toward the benefit of the organization and the customers we have. If any obstacles arise, that are not explicit to a person or department, we take initiative and resolve them as a team.


Open communication

We love open communication. Tell each other the truth, do not ignore it or avoid it. But of course, with the aim to make each other and Mansystems better. Hard on the facts, soft on the person. This also works the other way around: we believe in positive reinforcement and say when we are very satisfied with a compliment!


We like positive surprises, we exceed expectations. We make the difference!

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our social responsibility

In 2012, Mieke Zwart and Arnold Zwart (CEO of Mansystems) saw a change in the ecosystem of international development. A change from giving to building, and a change in an entire generation facing the highest youth unemployment rate. With the idea that “new times require new structures”, they wanted to help. That is when they created Flock of Birds, an investment in the young. By helping the young earn, learn new skills and build a future, they promote the idea of building and maintaining sustainable local businesses in Uganda.

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The Netherlands

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66386 St. Ingbert

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