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Application Performance Management


The number of software applications is growing and many organizations are dependent on these applications. When an application is not available or doesn’t perform well it creates inconvenience and frustration for the (end) users. When these problems occur, it is highly important to determine the cause quickly and solve the problem, preferably before the user’s knowledge.

Because of the complexity of the application landscapes is difficult to analyze problems quickly and accurate and structurally solve these problems. Therefore we have developed the APM tool for Mendix applications. With this tool you can monitor and analyze the performances of Mendix applications and enables you to guarantee the continuity and stability of these applications.


  • Due to the growing complexity of application landscapes, performance problems often arise suddenly and are hard to locate.
  • Applications are becoming increasingly critical, this makes an optimal performance crucial for the business.
  • Getting the right log messages for example, about errors is difficult. This makes it challenging to gain insight into the performance and availability of applications.


  • APM Trap Tool: Records continuous all levels of logging and stores it when an error occurs.
  • APM Statistics Tool: Identifies trends by gathering statistics of performed functionalities.
  • APM Performance Tool: Analyzes individual functions and visualizes where improvement is possible.
  • APM Measurement Tool: monitors the CPU and memory, performs measuring queries and alerts if a limit is exceeded.
  • And more..

The APM tool generates to the level of only a few microflows in our application specific instructions that performance improvements can be achieved. Alongside the more structural recommendations we also achieved some nice ‘quick wins’ with the APM tool. This gave us the opportunity to achieve instant results with relatively little effort.

Dr. Sandor Schmikli, Senior Data Manager at Julius Center


  • Get a complete and real-time overview of the performance and availability of applications.
  • Obtain a direct access to the correct log information when an error occurs.
  • Locate and analyze performance problems accurately and quickly.
  • Guarantee the continuity and stability of your Mendix applications.
  • Improve the user satisfaction by providing applications that always are available with an optimal performance.

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