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The ARSXLink® is a standardized platform which provides exchange of business data (Trouble Tickets, ERP-Data) between departments as well as between your department and external partners (for instance, between BMC Action Request System and SAP® Solution Manager). Data can be used simultaneously by several services which is transparent to your staff at all times. This enables you to improve process compliance and the quality of your service while costs can be minimized.

Data exchange

ARSXLink® enables you to exchange data between different BMC Remedy AR System applications or other systems. The data exchange can be bi-directional and synchronous.

Data transmission

With ARSXLink® you are able to perform event- or scheduled data transmission.

State of the art Technology

Using the XML protocol ARSXLink® opens the doors to IT processes and to your partners. Furthermore, you can leverage the strength of your BMC Remedy AR System by easily integrating it with SAP or any other XML enabled system.

Standard transport-methods

ARSXLink® supports standard Communication-Methods  such as RFC/BAPI, SOAP, HTTP(S) POST/GET, File, IBM WebSphere MQ Series or Database handshake.

SAP® Certified Integration

ARSXLink® is the certified BMC Remedy AR system standard interface to any XML – enabled third party system and SAP R/3. ARSXLink® is certified by SAP® and BMC Software.

Support services

ARSXLink® officially supports the cloud-based solution for BMC Remedy on Demand.

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