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ATS 2, a next step in Engineering productivity

With our strong focus on Engineering productivity, we continue to provide Mendix product development teams with tools, practices and support to be productive while maintaining and increasing high quality standards. Our next step in accomplishing that mission is the...

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Being a professional at Mansystems is…. Fun!

First, we want to introduce ourselves. We are Bram Terlouw, Bjorn Kooper and Nathaniel Cholinski from Windesheim Zwolle. We are in our third year and we had the opportunity to perform an assignment for  Mansystems. All of us are studying Business IT & Management. This...

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The evolution of the APM Tool

In this blog, I will tell you how Mansystems’ APM Tool evolved into the tool it is now. APM Tool is not a premeditated product, it was initiated and has grown over time, to solve challenges.  Ultimately, it became a solution that is used by the Mendix community and is...

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Home IoT and Domotics

All my life I have been building stuff with electronics and computers. My desk at home is full with wires, resistors, sensors etc. Always repairing devices and making things automated and energy efficient. After receiving new window blinds that can be controlled...

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