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Do you think we deserve to win?

Do you think we deserve to win? Support our nomination for Computable’s 2018 “Training Center of the Year” and vote today! For the 13th time, the ICT-Magazine, Computable, has nominated companies that readers believe have distinguished themselves within the past year....

Smart cycling with mendix

As everyone knows, it is necessary to maintain your car every year. But do you realize that this also applies to the bicycle? This is often overlooked, but at Mansystems we have been focused on finding a solution. The result is an IoT solution that makes your bike a...

Do more than digitize your Excel sheet using low-code tools

We see it all the time: Customers want to build applications for the sole purpose of digitizing an existing inefficient bureaucratic process based on Excel spreadsheets. Don’t get us wrong—digitizing an Excel spreadsheet is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it’s...

3 ways to meet your Mendix App release deadline this summer!

Everyone is looking forward to the summer, except developers and product owners who have looming project deadlines. Application development continues, even when half of the team is on summer break. How do you meet your deadlines? Here are three ways to prepare you for...

Hacking the Hiring Process

Ah, the hiring process. The means by which you find new employees for your company. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong! If it was easy, we could successfully separate the wheat from the chaff and hire the best candidate every time. But, let’s face it, finding those top...

How Mendix ATS Made Me a More Confident Mendix Developer

As a developer, I love building new features for an application. What I don’t like doing is testing. I know it’s a big part of my job. But when you build something that works you’re naturally proud of it. Testing is about making sure that things you built work across...

How to become a proficient Mendix Developer (I)

Rapid Application Development (RAD) right now is red hot. Thanks to a resurgence of interest in RAD, the Mendix Community continues to grow rapidly. If you are interested in combining your business knowledge with a touch of IT, it might be time to hop on the RAD...

Managing Java Dependencies for Mendix Modules

Managing Java Dependencies for Mendix Modules If you have ever tried to implement a certain function as a reusable module in Mendix, there’s a good chance you’ve had to add some jar dependencies. There are multiple ways of achieving that goal. But there’s one method...

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