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Bart Tolen
Bart Tolen has a master of engineering in applied physics and has worked with Mendix since 2010. He is a Mendix MVP, Solution Architect, and specialized in performance. Bart is the thought leader and designer of Mendix APD.

Low code Application Performance Diagnostics (APD) for Mendix


A doctor for your Mendix application is now in the cloud

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Investigate your Mendix application performance and start repairing

The more widely an Application Performance Management (APM) tool is employed the more valuable it becomes. With that ...

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Load test your Mendix application

The success or failure of any application development project almost invariably comes down to performance. No matter ...

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How to Master Application Code Review in the Age of Agile

Most organizations realize Application Code Review (ACR) is essential to maintain the quality of the applications they ...

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CI/CD speeds up your Mendix Project

Mendix low-code CI/CD SMART Digital Factor tooling

The whole idea of continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), also known as continuous delivery, is to ...

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Mendix 8 to build enterprise apps at the speed of ideas

Mendix World 2019 Mendix World Mendix 8

It’s once again time to take a rare break from coding and share my impression of the two best things announced at the ...

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APM 2.0, simpler, better, more


Following the recent release of ATS 2, it is now time for the next major unveiling of another productivity tool- APM ...

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The evolution of the APM Tool


In this blog, I will tell you how Mansystems’ APM Tool evolved into the tool it is now. APM Tool is not a premeditated ...

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Mendix 7 to build apps at the speed of ideas


At Mendix World 2016 the latest and greatest release of Mendix is announced. In this blog I will present my view on the ...

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