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Markets are changing, the necessity of innovation is increasing for every organization. If you want to make a difference, you have to be able to offer the best online and mobile products and services. Complex back-end systems often block innovation, fast development and flexible applications make it possible to innovate. These business apps could be easily integrated with back-end systems by an interface layer.

We are specialized in developing software applications on the Mendix App Platform. Our goal is to translate the requirements of business and IT into solutions which help your organization to take the lead. With small, specialized teams we analyze the strategy, business processes and develop a fitting solution. Our solutions are characterized by customer focus and flexibility.

Customer focus

Customer focus

Our solutions are developed with focus on user friendliness and customer needs.




Our applications are characterized by a short time-to-market and are easily adaptable.




Our applications enable organizations to differentiate and innovate.


Our solutions


Applications Julius Center

Continue Meting App for ILD Care Foundation

Reliable monitoring of patients with lung disease (ILD) in practice is a huge challenge. Traditionally, the condition of these people is mapped with a start and end measurement. Because of the erratic disease process, a distorted picture is created quickly. A continuous measurement would provide a more accurate impression of the strength of the patient. Therefore, SYSQA and Mansystems developed an app that makes continuous measurement possible!

Click here to read more about the app for ILD Care Foundation.

Applications Julius Center

Tuchtrechtbanken app for DSI

The handling of complaints regarding this oath is been outsourced by the Dutch Banking Association to DSI, a foundation with the goal to strengthen the confidence in the financial markets. To handle these complaints a software application was necessary, completely developed and implemented within two months. Mansystems provided with the Mendix App Platform and an Agile approach the solution. Within schedule and budget the app went live, first release right!

Click here to read more about Tuchtrechtbanken app for DSI.

Applications Julius Center

Research applications Julius Center

Julius Center aims to be a leading authority in the field of health science. They acquire and share knowledge by conducting pioneering research. With three applications build on the Mendix App Platform they are able to perform these studies better, faster and more efficient.

Click here to read more about Julius Center’s Research Applications.

Sceduling & Appointment tool

Scheduling & appointment tool

The innovative scheduling & appointment tool is developed to enable a well-known Dutch telecom provider to solve incidents more quickly. The application also supports with better communication about the status and resolve times of incidents.

Read more about the Scheduling & Appointment Tool.

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