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Unites your entire business with a highly customizable solution!

ECOS helps small and mid-size companies to reduce cost, speed up business and deliver more value to customers. Our platform helps you to manage products, orders, technical and customer support as well as workshop, warehouse, returns and finances.


one of the most innovative IT solutions

The independent jury from Initiative Mittelstand awards ExpertDesk-ECOS as one of the most innovative it solutions.
Criteria for the award are in addition to the innovative content (novelty, product maturity and future orientation), the benefits (recognizable benefit, impact on profitability, improved efficiency) and the suitability for the middle class (relevance for SMEs, practicability, implementation).

Knowledge means to act!

Knowledge means to act!

We help you get to where you need to go quickly. ECOS is equipped with a modern browser based user interface and smart customization features. Manage your sales, support and work processes with workflow and alerting capabilities. Get an overall transparency of your process data and use it cross-linked to make yourself more efficient. Recognize critical situation early and react in advance.
Sales and order management

Sales and order management

ECOS optimizes the Order fulfillment process so that you can more accurately and effectively receive, process and deliver orders to your customers. Combine this information with shipment, returns and support data to create a customer history and a deeper insight in customer behavior. Dynamically link processes, information, workflows and communication channels.
Integrated Service Management

Integrated Service Management

Your customer and technical support is the face of your company and determines the long-term customer satisfaction. ECOS conceives the support department as the turntable of all customer related information and gives the tools to connect to each and every business process. Forget the times in which you couldn’t provide the actual repair status of a returned spare part or the location of a re-shipped product. You know the customer history of all support requests and can combine it with all orders you had got from that customer.
Involve business partners and customers

Inventory, distribution, and manufacturing

Provide detailed and accurate tracking and reporting throughout the entire order, delivery and support process. ECOS integrates your manufacturing and stock management tool and enriches the information with actual order or return figures from your Webshop or customer order portal.

Financial management

Financial management

Improve your business performance by lifting invoicing and bill collection. Minimize record-keeping redundancy and so accounting errors by using the current amount of parts ordered and under the regard of the customer payment behavior. Ensure compliance with tax and accounting regulations.

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