Maintenance management

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

ExpertDesk enables you to determine the maintenance schedule of each manageable component, including alerts and gives you full insight in the maintenance and incident history.



Use the ExpertDesk workflow module to automate process steps and to manage internal as well as external resolving groups.

Construct and control your CMDB

Construct and Control your CMDB

With ExpertDesk it is possible to construct and manage your own CMDB model. In this CMDB model all manageable and complex infrastructure components can be stored and modified.

Advanced customer portal

Advanced Customer Portal

ExpertDesk includes an advanced customer portal. With this portal you are able to provide your customers with real-time insight in the handling of errors and maintenance, through desktop and mobile devices.

Performance based maintenance

Performance based Maintenance

With the Service Level Management module in ExpertDesk you can manage every specific performance-based contract. ExpertDesk enables the processing of tickets to achieve critical performance indicators and standards.

Construct your own reports

Construct your own reports

Create operational and management reports by using any desired combination of stored data with the ExpertDesk report module.



ExpertDesk can seamlessly integrate with systems from other departments and suppliers. Data exchange is automated as much as possible. Which results in a more efficient way of working.



“ExpertDesk enables us to monitor via performance indicators and therefore we have a better grip on the agreements and SLA’s of the performance contracts. “

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