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The Health Care industry is continuously changing. Respond to these changes with our innovative business applications and optimize your services with ExpertDesk. Read more

Whether your organization focuses on pharmaceutical products, clinical studies, diagnotics, bio technology or medical supplies, your competitive and innovative capabilities will be more and more influenced by IT.

Efficient processes as well as providing the best service are of great importance. Effective use of IT possibilities can differentiate you from your competitors. IT solutions are getting faster, more flexible and easier to manage. Innovative applications with a short time-to-market provide direct value for your organization.

Mansystems is specialized in the development of software applications based on the Mendix App Platform. This platform unites the requirements of business and IT.  This model-driven platform enables us to rapidly develop business applications in collaboration with Health Care organizations. This results in applications that are characterized by customer focus and flexibility. Our applications enable organizations to automate processes and optimize customer engagement




Our team consists of passionate and practiced professionals. We have more than 20 years of experience in software development.



Our applications enable organizations to be innovative and distinctive.



Our applications are characterized by a short time-to-market and are easily adaptable.

Our solutions

Julius Center

Research applications Julius Center

Julius Center aims to be a leading authority in the field of health science. They acquire and share knowledge by conducting pioneering research. With three applications build on the Mendix App Platform they are able to perform these studies better, faster and more efficient.

Click here to read more about Julius Center’s Research Applications.

IT Service management

Service Management

Providing an optimal service is increasingly important for organizations in the Health Care sector. ExpertDesk for Service Management enables you to create any desired service model. The high degree of configurability enables you to keep up with the constantly changing Health Care industry.

Read more about ExpertDesk for ITSM here.

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