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Internet of Things is a network of objects which can communicate digitally with each other as well as with human beings. The correct interpretation of the data produced by this communication gives us endless possibilities. Internet of Things will change our way of living and working.

With our innovative software solutions we enable organizations to get the most out of Internet of Things’ possibilities. We develop the application on the Mendix App platform. The Mendix platform fits perfectly with the needs for Internet of Things’ rapid innovations. Next to this, the growing number of connected objects makes it more complicated to supply service and maintenance. With our experience in service management we are able to develop solutions that allow optimal service.

Customer focus

Customer focus

Our solutions are developed with focus on user friendliness and customer needs.



Our applications are characterized by a short time-to-market and are easily adaptable.

Total experience

Total experience

With our software solutions we support the Internet of Things process from the beginning to the end.

Our solutions

KPN IoT service portal

KPN 'IoT' service portal

KPN felt the desire to find a more effective way of communicating with customers and to approach a higher level of customer satisfaction. Our portal solution met their needs and resulted in a decrease of the operational costs of their corporate customers.

Check out the solution for KPN.

IoT Accelerator Incubation Program (AIP)

Mansystems has designed an accelerator incubation program for startup companies and entrepreneurs that need help to navigate the diverse elements involved in launching an succesfull Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

Click here to find out more about the Accelerator Incubation Program.

Check out out infographic with 10 impressive facts about Internet of Things

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