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Whether you would like to hire Mendix experts, turn your staff into Mendix experts, or become a Mendix Expert yourself, you’re in the right place. Our renowned Mansystems Mendix Academy produces experienced professionals who have been extensively trained in the art of low-coding. Find out how our program does not only foster knowledgeable developers, but skilled ones.

Low-code is the future, by integrating it into your company and innovating with Mendix, you’re becoming a part of that future.

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Mansystems Mendix Academy

Why choose the Mansystems Mendix Academy?

As the leading Expert Partner of Mendix and highly qualified Mendix Trainers, Mansystems possesses the knowledge, experience, and talent that makes us capable of crafting experienced Mendix experts within our Academy. With our thorough knowledge of what developers need, we can guide our trainees in a structured manner while emphasizing integral low-code skills within our 6-week project simulation, where trainees craft their own app from start to finish.

In addition, the small groups for each class ensures that each student has access to incredible, highly personal training. This is also beneficial for companies since our trainers can offer them personalized advice regarding the capabilities and progress of their specific low-code developers. Ultimately, these factors work together to create knowledgeable and skilled developers who can add value to a team directly after finishing our Bootcamp.

How we train

When you welcome a developer that has completed our Academy’s competency-based training, you know exactly what they have learned and that they can create reliable, creative, and reproducible results. Our mission is to train low-code experts that will have a solid foundation of insight and skill so that they can success as junior developers, allowing your company to actively innovate.

How will you staff your Mendix team?

When it comes to creating a Mendix team, employers have multiple options. You can recruit trainees on your own behalf, allow our experienced recruiter to do it for you, or have current staff already within your company switch fields. Of course, you can also hire our Expert consultants to the job, especially in the period that you are training your own team.

In addition to being a training powerhouse, our Academy handles the permanent recruitment of new Mendix developers for your company. If you wish to recruit through the Mansystems Academy at an additional cost, you are presented with candidates who have passed our technical assessment.

Upon the successful completion of any interview process you deem appropriate, the future developer will receive an employment contract with your company. In addition, we can advise you on salary and other benefits for this employment if you wish. After reaching an employment agreement the future developer can begin the training process.

Career Switch
If you would like to turn your existing IT Experts, or other staff, into Mendix Experts, they can be admitted to our Academy program following the technical assessment. We will assist you in the selection of these candidates based on competence and technical fit.

As a Mendix Expert Partner, Mansystems has been recognized by Mendix as a company who is able to deliver high quality applications using the Mendix platform.  All our consultants have been trained in-house at our very own Academy. From our Professional Services department you can hire UX Designers, Developers, Solution architects, Performance experts, Testers, Scrum masters and more. Would you like to hire one of our consultants? Please contact us and let us know what skillset you are looking for.

Experienced Trainers

Experienced Trainers

Technical in-depth Training

Technical in-depth Training

Soft skill Training

Soft skill Training

Broadening Workshops

Broadening Workshops


“Together with Mansystems, we built a team of Mendix professionals to create a sustainable road of innovation at Zilveren Kruis. Mansystems’ approach with their Mendix Academy increases our quality and innovation continuity at lower cost by investing in an in-house practice.”

– Hans Voorthuijzen
Head information Management, Zilveren Kruis

Zilveren Kruis


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