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Whether you would like to hire Mendix experts, turn your staff into Mendix experts, or become a Mendix Expert yourself, you’re in the right place. Our renowned Mansystems Mendix Academy produces experienced professionals who have been extensively trained in the art of low-coding. Find out how our program does not only foster knowledgeable developers, but skilled ones.

Low-code is the future, by integrating it into your company and innovating with Mendix, you’re becoming a part of that future.

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How We Train Future Mendix Experts

To foster the creation of seasoned Mendix developers,  the Mansystems Mendix Academy offers our Bootcamp, Traineeship, and Workshops. Within these competency-based programs, trainees are overseen by Rene Van Hofwegen, our headtrainer who lead the low-code Academy at Mendix for multiple years.  With access to Rene and our other expert trainers, future developers flourish and gain the experience needed to have an impactful role within Mendix projects in their future workplace.

Our training process builds a solid foundation of knowledge within our trainees so that they may move forward confidently.

The Bootcamp

The aim of our Mendix Bootcamp is for future developers to be fully prepared to work on projects as a junior independent Mendix developer upon completion of the Bootcamp. This goal is addressed in two main phases.

Phase 1
The initial phase of the Bootcamp is a one-week introduction to Mendix and Scrum basics. Within this week, students will complete the Mendix Rapid Developer Course under the supervision of a Mansystems Mendix Academy Trainer and receive their Rapid Developer Certification at the end of the week.

Phase 2
The second phase of the Competence Bootcamp is the 6-week project simulation where trainees build their own app from beginning to end. In this stage, modeling skills, developer process thinking, product owner consultation, and team collaboration are all addressed.

Within the Bootcamp, the project simulation, where trainees build their own app from beginning to end, is divided into multiple “sprints”. Each sprint addresses necessary learning material in a thorough manner, ensuring that future developers are learning and building skills that add value to their education.

Various workshops are integrated in our Bootcamp. See for further information the section Workshops.

Full Traineeship

As an extension of the Bootcamp, future developers are also able to continue their education with a full traineeship of a year. Following their success in the Bootcamp, the developer goes to work in the team  at your company and in your Mendix project and periodically returns to further hone their skills at Mansystems.

The traineeship is continued with a total of 30 training and coaching days at the Academy office. For the first 15 weeks after the Bootcamp, these days will occur once a week and for the following 30 weeks, they will occur once every two weeks.

To commence this process, there will be an in-depth conversation to determine which topics the developer needs to further address to increase their expertise for their specific job. Following this discussion, the developer will begin completing various personalized activities under the supervision of a Mendix trainer and, if necessary, a Knowledge Expert from Mansystems Solutions.

Additionally, we work together with MyCademy, GoodHabitz, and recognized personal coaches, so that additional individual instruction is available for those in our low-code program.

mycademy good habitz


Within the full traineeship, you have access to these workshops. If you are only completing the Bootcamp, you may sign up for these workshops separately. In addition, these workshops are available if you have completed a different training program and simply wish to further hone specific skills.

If you would like to follow one of these topics, please request the full workshop overview.

  • Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS)
  • Mendix Application Performance Diagnostics (APD)
  • Mendix Integrations
  • Requirements Engineering
  • User Experience
  • Testing Foundation
  • CSS/Styling
  • Scrum basics
  • Scrum & Product Owner training
  • Deepdive Mendix
  • Rapid Developer training (classroom)

Getting Started

Prior to our Training Program, potential developers will attend a one-day Technical Assessment at the Mansystems Academy office. To start off, prospects receive a short introduction to the Mendix platform and then receive a short series of assignments to complete within the platform.

No prior knowledge of Mendix is required, trainers will observe the learning abilities and analytical skills of the candidates to best foster an informative environment composed of capable, competent trainees. Of course, it is equally important for the candidate to assess whether they would be enthusiastic to work with the Mendix platform in the future.

In case of a positive outcome, the candidate will be eligible to begin the Mendix Competence Bootcamp/ Traineeship.

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We look forward to telling you more about how we train future Mendix developers and how they can add value to your business & IT team.
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