Becoming a low code student

Why Low-code?

Whether you’re a student looking for your first job, a seasoned employee thinking of switching fields, or simply interested in becoming a low-code developer; we guide you from beginning to end. Our Mansystems Mendix Academy values innovative thinking, dedication, and a thorough Mendix- low-code- education above all. That is why we offer a new approach that blends hackathons, live instruction with a real-world IoT lab, partnerships with ground-breaking companies, and self-paced learning, all led by Mendix experts with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Mansystems Mendix Academy

Why low-code

Low-code development is where business meets IT. You can satisfy your creative, technology-driven side while conversing with customers about how their (new) application can best support their business processes. By utilizing low-code, you’re able to develop high-quality, valuable applications in a fraction of the time, while minimizing the amount of coding needed.

In this specific low-code traineeship you are fully immersed in the Mendix platform. From core web development skills to emerging responsive design techniques, you gain hands-on experience in designing and developing modular web and mobile low-code solutions. At the conclusion of our academy, you are equipped to be the next Mendix expert.

Who is it for?

You’re a starter looking for a job in low-code!

We ensure that you have a job even before you start our training program. So, if you want to work close to home or in a particular industry, we can help match your ambitions with our connections in the Mendix market. We have a number of companies that we actively recruit for to staff their Mendix team and educate their employees in our Academy. These companies include a.o. de Goudse Verzekeringen, Achmea, Radiuz and DLM Finance.

You’re looking for a switch in your career path to low-code!

Is the company you work for using low-code or going to start using low-code? And, are you excited to switch to this area of expertise? Whether you studied law, molecular science or business economics, we will help you discover whether Mendix is your next move. We believe if your ambition is to dive into low-code, your past experience can only be beneficial to help you get there. Besides, our trainers are experienced in transitioning your skills to help you evolve into a skillful developer.


We’ve come to find out there isn’t one. While it is helpful to have a background in IT, computer science, or design, there are no prerequisites for becoming a Mendix developer. Qualities such as a positive attitude, communication skills, team player, great time and task management as well as your enthusiastic motivation will take you a long way.

If you have the right approach and critical thinking skills, you have potential, and we are here to help you make the most of that potential.


Nominated by Computable for ‘2018 Training Center of the year’, here are 5 more motives for you to choose the Mansystems Mendix Academy:

Impactful Training Programs

Impactful Training Programs
We believe the most impactful training programs are customized specifically to the people, the productivity, the project, and the platform. With small groups per Bootcamp, our program is highly personal. This maximum guarantees more individualized attention from our expert trainers who take strides to cater to your individual needs. We customize every learning solution we deliver to the backgrounds of our trainees.

True to Life Developing Experience
Our Academy provides you with true to life developing experience through our 6-week project simulation, as opposed to just getting trained in theory, e-learning or on technical skills alone. With project simulation you get taught faster, it also represents the true working environment that you will be working in. We believe the more aligned the learning experience is to the daily tasks of a job, the more quickly your team is able to successfully apply what they learned.

True to Life Developing Experience
Surrounded by intelligent, capable trainees

Surrounded by intelligent, capable trainees
Within the program, we guarantee that you are surrounded by other intelligent, capable trainees who have also withstood our technical assessment as a pre-requisite for the Academy and are trying to advance in their careers.

Experience and Knowledge
As the leading Expert Mendix partner, we are committed to utilizing our abundance of experience and knowledge by providing a thorough, high-quality low-code education. Our experts train you not only in Mendix but also in UX design, time management, scrum, agile besides all the constituents you need to become the best low-code developer. And if you can’t get enough, we also give you access to an online library full of additional technical workshops.

Experience and Knowledge
Classroom Trainings

Classroom Trainings
Our classroom trainings are delivered by professionals who have spoken at schools (HAN, Windesheim, Saxion, etc.) and conferences (Mendix on Tour, HBO-ICT, IoT, etc.) spent time working with the technology in the trenches, and contributed in the further development of the Mendix platform. Their knowledge and consultancy skills provide a unique combination that blends theoretical with practical knowledge in our classroom.


Interested in becoming a low-code developer? See our job opportunities.

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