Mansystems Unfurls Application Code Review Service

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Press Release

At the Mendix World 2019 conference, Mansystems will launch the Application Code Review (ACR), a cloud-based service that uniquely accelerates the code review process associated with the development of low-code applications using the Mendix platform.

ACR automates the code review process by enabling developers and testing teams to rely on a cloud analytics service to automatically identify routine code issues such as whether the right security controls are in place and the degree to which a low-code application has been optimized for performance.

“We built ACR to reduce the pressure on application development. Peer review of the code is an essential part of the process. We demand a constantly faster delivery of applications. Now, with ACR, a developer can check their own code, accelerating the developers learning curve, and leaving time for Experts to focus their peer review on the more complex challenges”, says Wouter van Dee, Manager Solutions at Mansystems.

Key components of the ACR platform include:

  • Peer review code analysis to automatically check if development rules are enforced
  • Run security scans of data viscosity and changes
  • Discover techniques of developers to optimize code using best practices identified jointly by Mansystems and Mendix.
  • Whitelist best choices if there is a widely-employed exception to a rule.
  • Create new rules to apply to future reviews
  • Enable developers to self-service their own reviews.

Peer code review is one of the most important ways organizations ensure high-quality code is delivered consistently. The challenge organizations face is too often that developers are wasting valuable time by discovering the same issues over again across multiple application development projects. ACR eliminates this by making it easier to automatically surface the most common errors in an application without the aid of a human developer.

High-quality code not only ensures the quality of the user experience, it also makes applications less expensive to maintain and support. If organizations want to save costs, it is crucial to start detecting errors, flaws, vulnerabilities as early as possible. After all, the sooner any issue is discovered, the less painful and expensive it is to fix for all concerned.

Availability of the public beta for ACR starts at Mendix World, April 16th.


With over 25 years of experience developing business applications, Mansystems strives to offer customers a complete package of services with the guarantee of innovative and high-quality solutions. This is possible through customer access to the best consultation, implementation, and support- along with the right training and tools, all packaged in the SMART Digital Factory by Mansystems. With information on best practices of low-code development platform Mendix, market knowledge, solutions, and opportunities, Mansystems generates the most business value for organizations. The Mansystems Mendix Academy offers training and intensive boot camps for everyone who wants to become proficient in application development. Mansystems currently has over 120 employees with offices in the Netherlands and Germany.


Worldwide, over 4,000 companies use Mendix for the development of applications- making it the world leader in low-code application development. The originally Dutch company was created in 2005 from the need to improve the implementation of software projects. Since 2012, the head office of Mendix has been relocated to the United States and in 2018 Mendix was taken over by Siemens. The advantage of Mendix as a development platform lies in its ability to provides companies with the advantage of developing apps, on average, six times faster with 70 percent fewer resources. With the deployment of Mendix as a development platform, business and IT can communicate better with each other when creating applications.

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