mansystems Mendix Security & Privacy Data Protection Package

Protect your data before it becomes a legal liability

No matter the size of your app, you must always check the security of your Mendix application. The Mansystems Mendix Security & Privacy Data Protection Package assists Mendix developers in identifying and preventing data leaks that may impact the privacy of your company’s information assets or customer details.

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Why perform the Security & Privacy Data Protection Package?

Companies executing security audits on web applications mainly focus on the common, simpler web security tests. For these companies, it is difficult to check which data leaks are in Mendix /SAP RAD applications. Protecting your data means protecting its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Failing to do this could have severe repercussions including business losses, legal liability, and loss of company goodwill.

What to expect from the Security & Privacy Data Protection Package?

There are 3 key aspects to the package:

Manual Security Check

Within this first step, our consultant will conduct an interview regarding the current state of your company’s application. This will be completely through the utilization of a specific set of questions such as the following:

Is password policy enabled?

Is two-factor authentication implemented?

Manual Privacy Check

Similar to the security check, our consultant will question the current state of your application. However, this interview will focus primarily on the current measure being taken to ensure privacy within your app. This prerequisite allows them to accurately advise you regarding any necessary changes.This will be executed through prompts such as the following:

Is personal data collected?

Who has access to this data?

Security test with the Mansystems Security Tool

Mansystems has developed a Security tool specifically for Mendix / Sap RAD applications. This innovative tool provides an overview of all data that can be retrieved by an anonymous or portal user. However, data access is not the only thing you can think of in the above situations. Depending on the scenario or application, other security measures may be taken. For example, in particular situations, you may need to separate your application and user interfacing or utilize two-factor authentications, IP restrictions, and certificates.

Is your Mendix application configured so that hackers cannot retrieve data?

Is your Mendix application configured so that specific data is being exposed to different users?

Is your Mendix application configured so that the user can access restricted data using java scripts even if your application screens don’t allow this?

Mansystems can provide you with all of these services for only €249,
a fraction of what it would cost to hire an independent consultant.

Why a free Mendix privacy Quickscan?

With the new regulations, organizations must provide (even) clearer information as to why they collect personal data, what they use the data for and how long the data is stored. Examples of questions you need to answer as an organization are:

  1. Do we truly only capture and save the minimum necessary customer/user information?
  2. Do users have the possibility to change data or ask data to be changed by the support desk?
  3. Did the development team deviate from the default security settings by Mendix?
  4. Where is the data stored?

The questions are straightforward, but the answers can have countless implications for your organization. This is why Mansystems not only has a security officer who ensures that building Mendix applications for customers are GDPR (AVG) complaint. We are also ISO 27001 Certified because we consider information security to be of paramount importance for you, your customers and ourselves. So, don’t take a shot in the dark, and request our FREE privacy quickscan now!

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