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Our social responsibility

“2010, 2011 – Gulu and Lira in northern Uganda. I meet young boys and girls, a generation that grew up during a 20-year conflict. Eager to move on but the past only partly dealt with thanks to support programs. None or serious lack of formal education, merely some form of informal training in very basic working skills like auto repair, carpentry or sewing. No work experience and no businesses to work in. Now what?” – Mieke Zwart (War Child volunteer)

our social responsibility

In 2012, Mieke Zwart and Arnold Zwart (CEO of Mansystems) saw a change in the ecosystem of international development. A change from giving to building, and a change in an entire generation facing the highest youth unemployment rate. With the idea that “new times require new structures”, they wanted to help. That is when they created Flock of Birds, an investment in the young. By helping the young earn, learn new skills and build a future, they promote the idea of building and maintaining sustainable local businesses in Uganda.


Flock of Birds IT (FoB IT) in Uganda – an experienced IT developer in the Netherlands, established a sustainable business opportunity that combines on-the-job training for a mix of senior and junior engineers, as well as consultants. Together they are a recognized supplier of high level IT products. Due to its success, several employees were given the opportunity to start an MBA. They also organize a yearly 10-week free summer school for young and eager IT students to develop their skills and maybe land a job at Flock of Birds IT.


Flock of Birds Production in Gulu, Northern Uganda – In 2015, after 3 years of on-the-job-training FoB management offered young women the opportunity to form an independent cooperative; a sewing company.


Flock of Birds Shop in Kampala, Uganda – The shop is a fair-trade model and reseller of products made by the above-mentioned cooperative, other social initiatives and local artists. Getting your products sold locally is a major problem in Uganda. Shops are too expensive and demand a high % of the price, so only local markets are available. 2 young locals run this shop.

In 2017, Flock of Birds became part of Mansystems. The social initiative is now both financially and in knowledge-sharing supported through the Mansystems businesses.

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