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Retail and Wholesale

We have a proven track record in the retail and wholesale industry


Characteristics of the retail & wholesale industry is dynamism and innovation. Perhaps there is no other sector where more business models have had to make way for renewed models and initiatives in the past 10 years. We help organizations to move along in this dynamic industry.

With an extensive range of solutions, in which domain knowledge of different national and international retail organizations is incorporated, we support retail & wholesale organizations in their digital transformation. We have developed various best practices, but we can also develop applications, depending on the wishes of your business.

Questions about how we can help your business?

Digital transformation involves many aspects. Good guidance and advice are, therefore, essential. We have solutions that are branch specific. Do you want to know more about these solutions? Let’s get in contact!

Retail & Wholesale
  • Promotion Manager
  • Order management
  • PIM
  • Pricing Tool


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