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Today, many service providers are working in the service delivery, with many different systems. Seamless integration of service processes without restrictions by legacy systems, is a major challenge. The Service Productivity Platform (SPP) is intended to be a central hub for service process integrations. It is focused on major ITIL (V3) service processes, but not limited to these.

You are using the Incident or Change Management within your SAP® SolutionManager? But you also have a central enterprise solution such as ServiceNow, to create your incident tickets? Simply integrate both seamlessly!

Hence the SPP does not represent a dedicated solution, plenty other integrations are imaginable and can be realized. You can also connect your corporate solutions, based on SAP® SolutionManager, HP Service Manager, as well as BMC Remedy AR System.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

A great interface is the key to improve service quality and minimize costs. The Service Productivity Platform enables you to integrate new and existing ITSM tools – among others SAP® SolutionManager, ServiceNow, HP Service Manager. As well as middleware applications and legacy systems. We provide a stable, multi-vendor integration platform that can be used as the sole point of integration.



The platform is configured and managed from within a single web-based user interface. It plays a crucial role when developing integration solutions.


The SPP includes a real-time monitoring system, which enables full control and overview of ongoing transactions, at any time. For this purpose complete and expandable reporting templates are available. It’s up on you to decide what level of detail and control you need.

State of the art technology

State of the art technology

Using proven open source software in your company, is what allows you an easy development, implementation and maintenance of integration solutions. SPP opens you the doors to IT processes and enables your partners to fully exploit the strength of existing processes, tools and technologies, by simply connecting the desired partner systems.



Over 100 standard adapters are available. With these, various communication technologies can be connected. Included are e.g. web services, database interfaces or flat files.

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