Over 20 years of partnership

Consultancy, implementation and support for BMC software. Our services


Mansystems, the first Remedy partner in the Netherlands, has over 20 years of experience with BMC software products.



Besides to our knowledge of Remedy ITSM, My-IT Smart IT and ADDM, we have years of experience in developing custom applications based on the Remedy platform.



We can support you to implement your BMC software application in the most optimal way and make your investment in BMC software worthwhile.

Our services

Business process consulting

Business process consulting

Market pressure makes it very important to rapidly anticipate to observed trends. Our consultants are able to evaluate and propose improvements for your existing business processes. We can help you to optimize your processes by applying Lean software development along with other techniques.


Remedy custom development

Our consultants have extensive experience in developing custom applications on the Remedy platform for many customers. In close collaboration with you we can design, develop, test and implement a fully customized solution that suits your needs.

Implementation services

Over the last 20 years we have gained extensive experience with the implementation of BMC software products as Remedy ITSM, My-IT, Smart-IT or ADDM. Together with your IT-department we are able to make sure that the entire implementation proceeds smoothly. We are also specialized in after care activities such as support and application management.

Integration services

Our consultants are very experienced in the design and realization of a wide variety of integration solutions. Integrations with complex back-end systems can be easily accomplished by us. We have developed ARSxLink which is a BMC software certified integration product. In addition to ARSxLink we can also deliver integrations through other existing methods and techniques.

Test services and automated testing

Testing is an essential part in the delivery of high quality software. Therefore we deliver various testing services. For instance, test management, functional testing, non-functional tests (load / performance / security). With the Mansystems Test Framework (MTF) we developed a tool which gives you the possibility to automate your test activities. This enables you to test your applications in a more efficient way.


Managed Services

We are able to offer you multiple support activities and application management services on a 24 hour basis. You can choose from a spectrum of services and service levels for on-premise as well as Cloud applications. Besides functional management we can provide both technical and functional application management. Our proactive support and application management helps you to make use of your BMC software in the most optimal way.

Performance Tuning

Do you expect a better response from your Remedy application? With 20 years of Remedy experience we know exactly how to optimize your applications performance, so it meets your users expectations.

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Harmen Hoogwout

Sales manager

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