How tec4U facilitates material compliance workflows between suppliers and product owners.

This is what we did

tec4U helps companies with the material compliance of products. Material compliance can be complicated because customers each have their own unique requirements that must be vetted against multiple regulations. tec4U is as professional services firm that helps to reduce costs and minimizes time and effort by facilitating workflows associated with material compliance.

Mansystems, using one advanced developer, three rapid developers and two testers, built a low-code DataCross – Material Compliance Communication application that allows product owners to exchange compliance information with their suppliers, maintain product information and generate risk and compliance ratings.

Regulations such as REACH and RoHS have been in place worldwide for several years now. tec4U assists companies with the material compliance of products to meet these strict requirements. Mansystems was asked to build a platform to enable a more efficient communication process between the manufacturer and its suppliers.


The DataCross platform designed by Mansystems is designed to securely facilitate communication while reducing the need to enter data multiple times. There is no need to manage data publication, data forwarding or supply chain mapping anymore. Furthermore, DataCross is made up of several modules that allow customers to tailor the application to meet their specific needs. Companies also can set up individually designed document requests. Suppliers are then presented with specific questions that guide them automatically through a regulatory process.

DataCross enables companies to guarantee compliance with applicable laws and customer requirements, while minimizing their own business and personal risks.


“For the first time we are combining material data communication and material compliance assessment in a single system. With DataCross we can effectively manage the complexity of material compliance assessment with all concerned suppliers. Together with Mansystems we are using agile software development methods that makes it possible for all participating suppliers to collaboratively contribute to the product assessments in an easy, secure and fast way.”

Stefan Nieser – CEO , tec4U-Solutions


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