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DSI Foundation

How the DSI Foundation can ensure complaints in the financial market are handled securely.


Mansystems built a Disciplinary Law Complaint application on behalf of the DSI Foundation to ensure that complaints made about financial transactions can be done in a safe and secure manner. This project was especially challenging because the law that created a formal process for filing these complaints required that an application be built in less than two months.
That meant there was no room for error. The application had to have a unified look and feel, even though it would be accessing external systems, and it had to be completely tested and secure to meet specific legal guidelines.

Thanks to this application, individuals filing a complaint can be assured their information is in safe hands. Banks and financial regulators, meanwhile, know that security is sound. This helps to re-establish faith in the financial markets for all concerned.




Rene Ruurda

"All parts of the project had to be handled with great care, from the first notification to any judgment by the court. This leaves no margin for error. It required the utmost of collaboration during a project like this. At first, it felt like we had entered the mineshaft with nothing but a flashlight. But thanks to Mendix, we can see we are on the right track. What we desired and what we achieved were always consistent with each other. Both the business and IT prevailed to our great satisfaction."

The Bigger Picture

A code of conduct for bankers was put in force in the Netherlands starting April 1, 2015. To enforce this code of conduct, Tuchtrecht Banken (Court of Discipline for Banks) was established. Tuchtrecht Banken is an independent, non-profit organization set up to implement disciplinary rules. The handling of all complaints was outsourced to the DSI Foundation, which is committed to strengthening confidence in the financial markets. The DSI Foundation not only assesses and trains people in the financial markets, it also handles complaints against bank employees. The Netherlands is the only country with a legally embedded code of conduct for bankers.

Any complaints filed on the Tuchtrecht Banken website are handled by an independent party. That approach reassures individuals that their information is not being randomly shared. Data is fully protected and the interfaces between all systems are fully secure. The layers and connections are thoroughly tested by an independent party, and all protocols are audited regularly.

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