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Our customers have complex needs. See how we helped them digitally.


For 100 years, Etos has been the place to go in the field of beauty, health, and personal care. With over 500 physical stores and an online shop, Etos offers its customers a wide range of products every day and provides personal and expert advice. Etos inspires its customers to live healthier and happier every day. To continue to provide the best service, Etos has entered into a partnership with FlowFabric/Mansystems to streamline its promotion process.

Search for promotions tool
Martin Otto, Product Owner Promotion Manager at Etos, explains: "Etos was looking for a workflow process for its promotions. The most important wish was that all teams and product groups could work together unequivocally."
"We were looking for a good tool for hosting our promotion process. This was a difficult selection because it had to be a suitable solution for Etos," explains Emma Eversdijk, Category Manager Promotions. "Prerequisites were that the application was flexible, quick to implement, and it had to be the oil that made the various major processes run smoothly. Requirements like these can easily result in large, cumbersome solutions that are difficult to adapt. In the Netherlands, FlowFabric/Mansystems is the only party that has got this far with a promotion management solution, implemented in an agile manner."

Out with the Excel files, in with a single central work environment
"At Etos, we have a high promotion share, which is why we need a good workflow application." One of the needs Etos had was to switch from a highly error-prone approach using separate Excel files to a single system. The promotion schedule was initially created and maintained using Excel files. Each marketing or category manager had their own Excel file in which they updated any changes. This was not only error-prone but also confusing, and changes were difficult to implement. As Emma explains: "Preparing and monitoring promotions should take place in one central place to which multiple employees can log in. The data must be clear, changes must be easy to implement, and the data must be 100% correct in the system."

Martin Otto

"The promotion manager has given us a complete overview, so we now know exactly where we stand," says Martin. "This has increased the quality of the promotion process because we work according to a single reality and apply a single process."

The new promotion process
"With the arrival of the promotion manager, this process is now fully automated. The biggest change is that the process has been completely turned around. We are now emphasizing dashboarding and monitoring much more and determining which promotions we will carry out based on data. The campaigns are substantiated with figures, which makes promotions much more efficient. For example, we no longer have similar campaigns running side-by-side. All the special offers are unique. We do all this based on the Promotion Manager application that FlowFabric/Mansystems has built for us. The promotion process has become part of our IT landscape, rather than a separate process."

More insight and easy adjustment at the result level
Martin says that there is now more insight into which promotion will or will not succeed and needs to be adjusted. "We didn't have any overview like this when we were using the individual Excel files. Also, everyone works on the same page as the promotion manager. The process is less error-prone, and you can easily make decisions based on statistical data. The employees involved in the promotion process are now better able to focus on results. They have been freed up to concentrate on their core tasks."

Agile working
"The collaboration with FlowFabric/Mansystems is going well," says Martin. "We have a clear idea of what we want, so FlowFabric/Mansystems can respond to this. It is excellent that we have a permanent consultant who understands the business. He can be sensitive to the process, and we can spar together, which provides central added value.

Retail is going a lot faster than we could previously have imagined, which is why we are getting smarter during the process. Agile working means we can keep building small pieces and refine what is already there."

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