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eXp Realty

How virtual real estate agents collaborate in the age of the cloud.


eXp Realty is a flourishing real estate brokerage in the United States that operates on a virtual business model. There is no retail office where brokers are located; rather, brokers operate out of their home offices or log in while on the road. Previously, eXp Realty tracked realtor records, pay plans, broker reviews, transactions documents and the onboarding of agents using off-the-shelf applications running on legacy systems.

Adapting and maintaining those applications was unbelievably time-consuming and cost-inefficient. Together with Aelion, we built a single integrated application to accommodate eXp’s rapid growth within two months.


The Bigger Picture

eXp Realty is a virtual realtor based in the United States that describes itself as the only agent-owned cloud-based real estate brokerage. Each agent is also an eXp Realty shareholder.
The legacy applications the company relied on did not work well with each other and could not be centrally managed. Logging into multiple databases to onboard a new agent, for example, was time-consuming and frustrating. Nor was there a consistent broker review and approval process.

Mansystems and Aelion guaranteed with one single platform that both eXp Realty’s processes could be unified and centrally managed. Just as importantly, all data residing in those applications is safeguarded in one single repository.

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