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How KPN Telecom motivates developers to deploy applications on its LoRa Network


Mansystems was tasked with building a portal for KPN that would serve developers interested in deploying IoT applications on a wireless network. Developed using the Mendix App Platform, the portal provides developers with free access to the KPN LoRa network.

Because of the innovative nature of the application, Mansystems decided to create an agile team to provide maximum flexibility.

Mansystems built a KPN portal requiring no fewer than three complex backend integrations in less than six months using only two developers.
KPN via the LoRa Developer Portal now can help increase revenue by making it easier for developers of IoT applications to invoke the company’s wireless LoRa network.

Michel van de Bempt

"KPN has been a longtime customer, and we have developed numerous applications over the past 20 years. We were proud to be chosen again to automate their business to help boost KPN’s overall customer satisfaction."

KPN is the leading provider of telecommunications and IT services in the Netherlands. KPN developed the LoRa network to provide an energy-efficient wireless network for IoT applications.
The LoRa network is unique because it combines long-range capabilities with low power consumption and protected data transmission. Public and private networks using this technology can more easily provide much greater coverage compared to existing cellular networks while consuming much less battery power at an IoT endpoint.

The LoRa network extends KPN’s goal of being able to offer a complete range of reliable and secure network services for every possible application.
The four primary goals KPN achieved are:
  1. Get developers to use the KPN LoRa network
  2. Motivate companies to experiment with IoT applications on the LoRa network
  3. Provide access to the LoRa network in a more effective, easy, free and user-friendly way
  4. Increase the number of users capable of accessing the LoRa network.

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