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Louwman Group

Louwman group opens Mendix Expert Center for low-code app development.


On the first of January, 2019, the Louwman Group will open the Mendix Expert Center (MEC), a new addition to the Louwman ICT Services, which provides IT assistance for all Louwman companies. Within the MEC, business applications can be developed for the complete Louwman Group based on the low-code platform Mendix. The much anticipated MEC was carefully crafted in collaboration with Mansystems, an award-winning Mendix partner.  

Utilizing the resources and knowledge of the MEC, the Louwman Group intends to make faster, more customer-oriented, and creative business applications- thus allowing for new concepts to be rolled out more easily and more efficient customer service. As one of the largest car distributors in Europe, known for operating companies such as the Louwman Dealer Group, Alcredis, and Welzorg, there is an incredible amount of potential to build upon the great success the Louwman Group already has. On Monday, November 19th, the group held a grand opening party to celebrate the arrival of the Mendix Expert Center. At this event, it was emphasized that the importance of the MEC rests in its necessity to be able to operate faster while being both more business oriented and creative. This vision was supported by Edward Cox, Director of ICT services at Louwman Group who believes that “By being able to develop in-house applications, we can act faster in the business.”

Positive Experiences with Mendix

Louwman’s decision to work with the Mendix stemmed from a history of positive experiences with the low-code app development platform. The group already works with Mendix extensively, constructing 20 business applications through the platform. Due to the unprecedented speed, integration possibilities with the back office, standard IoT links, and the possibilities to generate native mobile apps, Mendix has already proven itself as a successful development platform within the Louwman Group.

The Mendix Expert Center was set up in collaboration with Mendix partner Mansystems, with whom the Louwman Group has been working with for several years. Mansystems was deliberately chosen for this significant project due to the partner’s philosophy that aligns with that of the Louwman Group. In this approach, Mansystems gradually trains its customers, guiding them to a point where they can begin working independently with Mendix. Upon discussing these strides forward, Arnold Zwart, CEO of Mansystems, says: “We help companies to be successful with Mendix and low-code. We call that customer empowerment; we ensure that our customers can innovate faster, the goal being that we work together with the customer up to the moment when they can build applications with Mendix completely in-house.”

Edward Cox (Louwman ICT Services) and Arnold Zwart (Mansystems)

Louwman sees the importance of Mendix knowledge in-house, therefore Mansystems trains both Louwman’s employees as well as new employees to work with the Mendix platform. “We offer our own people the next important step and at the same time get new blood in the organization”, says Edward Cox, Director ICT services Louwman Group.

Arnold Zwart of Mansystems adds:

“This is customer empowerment in its optimal form. Since we train our customers to learn how to work with Mendix, we not only enable them to innovate faster but also sustain that innovation. Our ultimate goal is to empower our customers- this distinguishes us from other Mendix partners. We are pleased with our collaboration with Louwman because it really embodies our philosophy.”

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