How Nutricia increases control of malnutrition with the Digital Homecare App – NutriCare.

This is what we did

Nutricia GmbH, part of the Danone company, specializes in medical nutrition for malnourished patients in hospitals and homecare supply.  Nutricia was facing a flood of information being held in software island solutions. Employees had to search for information instead of acting based on them. Patients needed to reintroduce themselves more often than necessary as there was no possibility to have all relevant patient information at hand in one place.

In only 9 months with 4 developers, we created NutriCare. A SAP Cloud Solution to let Nutricia’s care givers capture all relevant patient information online and offline. An immense help to manage malnourished patients getting back to a better nutritional status while having therapy under tight control.


Nutricia GmbH specializes in medical nutrition for malnourished patients. The Nutrition team takes care of thousands of patients per month in Germany making Nutricia Europe’s largest provider of medical nutrition. Based on specific diseases in given therapeutic areas, primary care givers (hospitals & community healthcare professionals) as well as secondary care givers (care homes & mobile nursing services) screen patients and identify the threat of an existing status of malnutrition.

NutriCare is the first application running on SAP Cloud Platform for Danone/ Nutricia. All information about the patients, nutrition products and sales are in a SAP R/3 ECC system hosted by Danone. The development of the Digital Homecare App is made on the SAP Cloud Platform using the SAP Cloud Platform RDP powered by Mendix. NutriCare is a flexible mobile and desktop application that improves the entire patient journey through easier and faster interaction with the various care givers. Additionally, the application offers less manual tasks through more automation, improves customer satisfaction, and provides cost reduction by shortening overhead effort.


“Start small, quickly enhance and always remember the user’s use cases.’ Led by these fundamental words a new universe of possibilities, transparency and consistency has been opened up to us regarding efficient planning and execution of sales force activities. Mansystems consistently follows the design thinking approach putting the user and it’s view in the middle of action. The elegant way of challenging requirements from this valuable perspective to achieve best in class results, is one of many other stakes Mansystems can be very proud of.”

– Maurice Ender – CRM Manager DACH, Nutricia GmbH

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