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Radiuz relies on low-code and Mansystems to ensure its future growth


Building a single low-code application can be accomplished relatively ese. There is, however, always a real danger developers will build applications faster than either the low-code platform or the organization that adopted it can truly handle. That is why the architecture that provides the foundation for building and deploying potentially hundreds of low-code applications needs to be carefully considered.

With those goals in mind, Radiuz has embraced the low-code platform from Mendix using a plan and set of processes jointly defined with Mansystems, the leading provider of consulting services for building and managing low-code applications on the Mendix platform.

Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, Radiuz is a startup company with a unique business model that focuses on providing mobile services to employees of business-to-business (B2B) organizations rather than consumers. That approach enables Radiuz to differentiate itself at a time when organizations find contracting for mobile services across multiple mobile platforms to be overly complicated, says Radiuz CTO Jochem Brons.

“Mobility services have been embraced by society, but it is not easy for employers to implement,” says Brons. “With our platform, we provide both convenience and freedom for the employee and simplification of processes for the employer.”

100,000 transactions per month

The Radiuz approach to delivering mobility services is starting to resonate with customers. The company already has 20,000 end users generating more than 100,000 transactions per month. Radiuz clearly needs an application development strategy capable of supporting what will soon be ten times as many users, says Brons.

Radiuz relies on Mansytems to both define the underlying application architecture required to achieve that goal as well as train multi-discipline teams how to best employ Mendix to achieve its business goals. Most recently, Mansystems, for example, worked with Radiuz break a large application into smaller more manageable modules that enable the application to run faster at scale

“That approach has many advantages in terms of management and scalability,” says Brons “You can implement improvements to the platform faster and with fewer dependencies.”

The goal is to create a platform that addresses both the business needs of today and tomorrow by relying on a future-proof application architecture that enables Radiuz to easily adapt to changing business conditions and opportunities.

“You have to keep thinking about the architecture, performance, and scalability of your applications,” says Brons.

A Team Sport

Of course, a sound foundational architecture is only the beginning of the process. Tools and processes don’t amount to much without the people with the right skills required to use them.

Radiuz in addition to working closely with Mansystems has hired four Mendix developers and a platform architect. In addition to making available specialists to augment that internal team, Radiuz also takes advantage of the Mansystems Mendix Academy to both train new employees over the course of a seven-week boot camp as well as advance the skills of its existing staff.

“Graduates of the Mansystems boot camp can be employed immediately. We even have a colleague that made the switch from operations to application development,” says Brons. “We know exactly what the people of the Mansystems Mendix Academy can do.”

Mansystems also helped Radiuz implement the Mendix Application Performance Diagnostics (APD) service to ensure performance levels are always maintained. Just as importantly, Mendix APD also allows Radiuz to test the impact any new application functionality being added to its portfolio might have on its mobility platform as the company continues to grow.


Radiuz clearly expects to see massive growth in both the number of users and transactions its platform will need to support in the coming years. The low-code platform from Mendix coupled with the knowledge of its internal employees and expertise from Mansystems ensures Radiuz will be able to respond quickly and flexibly to every opportunity.

“Together with Mansystems, we constantly look at our own platform.” Says Brons. “Radiuz has found a partner in Mansystems that ensures that our platform continues to perform well – now and in the future.”

Jochem Brons

"Radiuz has found a partner in Mansystems that ensures that our platform continues to perform well – now and in the future."

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