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How Retourplaza guarantees a customer’s home delivery is identical to their online order.


Retourplaza is an online startup that sells returned or damaged products from different suppliers with considerable discounts. Mansystems was hired to make sure that each Retourplaza customer is guaranteed to receive the unique product they bought. The exclusive Grading App+ application we created enables Retourplaza to photograph, identify and rate all the products.

Grading App+ provides a single point of truth for all different streams of data about suppliers, product types and delivery status of products. In effect, it digitizes the company’s business processes. The foundation in the application architecture for the Grading App+ was created in two months by two advanced developers and one Mendix MVP.

The Retourplaza Story



Jan Minnee

"In Mansystems I have found a reliable and quality partner. Not only through the way they approached the project and their interest to think with us on how to simplify the process as much as possible, but also through the commitment and efforts of the team to make sure that deliverables were delivered in the necessary phase. Mansystems provided ongoing good and clear information and realistic goals both of which are key to successfully guide a project like this."

In addition to processing the transactions, Retourplaza controls the intake, ratings and price-setting for all products. The products are provided by a broad range of suppliers requiring access to a secondary market for damaged goods. Most of those goods have a small defect or were damaged during shipping.
Jan Minnee, owner and founder of Retourplaza, wanted to provide suppliers with a way to sell damaged goods at a discount rather than taking a complete loss on those goods. The alternatives had been for suppliers to find buyers that would take the goods in bulk or simply keep them in their warehouse to cannibalize for parts. Retourplaza provides a means to resell those products and eliminate a major logistical issue for the supplier.

The challenge Retourplaza faced was being able to guarantee customers that the product they received was the same one they purchased online. For example, seven refrigerators might be available, each with a different status, i.e. location of damage, rating and price. To digitalize this process, Retourplaza needed an innovative custom application to digitize that business process end to end.



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