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Van Bommel

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The footwear manufacturer Schoenfabriek Van Bommel is a household name in the Netherlands. The Van Bommel family started producing handmade quality shoes in Breda in 1734. Today Van Bommel delivers to no fewer than 800 sales points in the Netherlands, with another 500 abroad.

Reynier van Bommel

"FlowFabric/Mansystems's industry knowledge and experience in automating complex wholesale processes help us to create a future-proof PLM environment."

From design to production
Several Van Bommel generations have made it their life's work to build up a comprehensive and robust footwear range. Every shoe breathes quality and creativity. Knowing the precise state of the range is essential for monitoring this. Van Bommel works with FlowFabric/Mansystems to optimize the firm's shoe development still further.

"We are extremely pleased with the collaboration, which clicked right from the beginning. We keep each other on our toes and make good use of complementary expertise," notes Reynier.

Van Bommel shoes undergo an average of 280 specialist actions through their production process. Reynier van Bommel, Managing Director of Van Bommel: "FlowFabric/Mansystems's industry knowledge and their experience in automating complex wholesale processes, help us to create a future-proof Process Lifecycle Management (PLM) environment.

"Speed, flexibility, and agility were paramount in our search for a new PLM environment if we are to match the changes in Van Bommel's playing field," continues Reynier. Van Bommel found a partner in FlowFabric/Mansystems, which brings together PLM systems expertise and the Mendix software development platform.

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