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Digital business transformation starts with having the right team


Organizations typically adopt a low code platform to accelerate the rate at which application code can be generated. However, just because something can be done faster it does not always mean that it’s better. Organizations that take the time built cross-functional teams to build applications consistently and enjoy more success, especially when building digital business applications.

In fact, one of the primary reasons to adopt a low-code platform is that it makes it simpler for end users with domain expertise to directly participate in the application development process. It’s that ability to eliminate the iterative cycles required using legacy development processes that make low code development platform the superior solution for delivering real business value.

What needs to be done to train people successfully?

When the company chooses to train internal employees to become a low-code team member, there are four aspects that organizations need to consider.

Organizations need to carefully develop a set of training best practices to not only advance their digital business transformation strategy more rapidly but just as importantly make sure they can continue to attract employees that are highly motivated to innovate.


Ready for a Digital transformation?

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