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How to solve the low-Code development paradox

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A Low-Code development paradox: How do you develop low-code applications at scale without comprising speed and quality?

Mansystems urges Mendix clients to think about the automation tools they use throughout the entire low-code development chain.


Low-code development platforms promise speedy development. The SMART digital factory toolset makes sure you keep that speed even when the number of applications rises and the complexity of the applications increases. And, did you know that developing high-quality software is cheaper to produce! 

To consistently achieve speed, quality, and high availability in your application, it is necessary to automate as many parts of the development process as possible! Various studies show that when the number of “sprints” increases, the overall speed of development decreases.

As more applications get built faster
development creates process bottlenecks.

Key questions you need to ask before using low-code platforms

Developing complex applications at scale without compromising speed and quality requires organizations to think through the tools and processes that are used throughout the entire development chain.

The benefits in terms of speed of application development that a low code development inherently provides can easily be lost when development, testing, and management processes are out of control. This becomes immediately apparent when applications become large and complex.

To avoid this paradoxical problem, it is essential organizations implement the following best practices:


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