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Application Code Reviewer

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Almost all development teams do peer code review, even when using a low-code platform. The real challenge IT leaders face is finding a way to make the code review process as painless as possible for all concerned.

Find bugs, increase security, and trust your team is building the best Mendix Application.

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Manual code review doesn't keep up with your Mendix development speed

Manual code review doesn't keep up with your Mendix development speed
Even though the low-code platform from Mendix reduces the amount of code that needs to be manually developed, developers still need to check each other’s code. The issue is finding a way to achieve that goal in a way that doesn’t slow down the application development process.


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Richard Edens

“We became a client of the first hour using the Mansystems Smart Digital Factory. I am so incredibly satisfied with this piece of software that I would wish any organization to start using this software.It's just that good and a complete package. This should have been in the Mendix platform a long time ago, especially when you have big Mendix applications.”

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See how automated code review can help both developers and management.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does ACR integrate with Mendix Sprintr?

Yes, it is possible to create stories in Sprintr based on a violation in ACR with a single click.

Can I decide to allow a violation at my own risk?

Yes, ACR allows for 'ignoring' violations if a reason is provided. This is done by placing violations on a so-called whitelist. Once a violation is whitelisted it will no longer be reported in future reviews.

Where in the development process do you use ACR?

Ideally, ACR should be run as soon as possible after code is committed. For example at the end of a workday. This means, that the feedback is already available and can be acted on when the next day starts.

Can I customise the rules which are used?

Yes. For one, ACR allows rules to be switched off completely. Furthermore, some rules are configurable. For example, most of the naming convention rules can be customized to match your team policy.

Where do ACR rules come from?

The rules in ACR are based on Mendix best practices, community guidelines, our guidelines, and from the users. If you have an idea for a rule please share it with us.

Is CI/CD included?

The CI/CD tool is available as a preview. It can be used for free, but we reserve the right to offer it as a separate product later.

Is there a trial?

Yes, you can sign-up for a free trial.

Can I use ACR whenever I want?

Yes, scanning your app is a matter of seconds and you can do it as many times as you want.

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