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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ACR integrate with Mendix Sprintr?

Yes, it is possible to create stories in Sprintr based on a violation in ACR with a single click.

Can I decide to allow a violation at my own risk?

Yes, ACR allows for 'ignoring' violations if a reason is provided. This is done by placing violations on a so-called whitelist. Once a violation is whitelisted it will no longer be reported in future reviews.

Where in the development process do you use ACR?

Ideally, ACR should be run as soon as possible after code is committed. For example at the end of a workday. This means, that the feedback is already available and can be acted on when the next day starts.

Can I customize the rules in which are used?

Yes. For one, ACR allows rules to be switched off completely. Furthermore, some rules are configurable. For example, most of the naming convention rules can be customized to match your team policy.

Where do ACR rules come from?

The rules in ACR are based on Mendix best practices, community guidelines, our guidelines and from the users. If you have an idea for a rule please share it with us.

Is CI/CD included?

The CI/CD tool is available as a preview. It can be used for free, but we reserve the right to offer it as a separate product later.

Is there a trial?

Yes, you can sign-up for a free trial.

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Can a review be triggered at any moment in time after a commit, or are there any limitations?

You can configure the review to run after every commit or at a specific time once or twice a day.

Does ACR support ‘bring your own Cloud implementations’? In other words: does this work for applications that are NOT hosted on Mendix Cloud?

Yes. ACR can review any Mendix application, regardless of where it is hosted.

Can you also show/demo how it is shown in a microflow/page when a rule becomes active, i.e. if a violation is found, how is that shown in a microflow/demo?

A violation in a microflow is described by the caption of the action that causes the violations. A visual indication is on the roadmap.

Does this look into java actions at all?

ACR has access to the java action, but so far, we have not implemented any rules for java actions. We are planning to add rules for java actions in the future.

There are some rules with thresholds, parameters, etc. How are the values of these defined/chosen?

Almost all rules are configurable. Thresholds can be changed, and flags can be set, etc.

As Mendix releases a newer version, can ARC tell me how well it will migrate to a newer version?

Interesting question. This is not something ACR supports right now.

However, ACR has all the data available to make such an estimate and also highlight potentially problematic areas of a Mendix project. Such a feature is currently under investigation.

Could you show the rules for architecture?

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