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Application Performance Diagnostics

Mendix Application Performance Diagnostics to the rescue


Nothing is quite as disconcerting for end users than an application performance problem. Long ago, Jakob Nielson conclusively demonstrated that that optimal response time to ensure a great application experience is 0.1 seconds.

If application response times approach one second, the user’s attention starts to waver. After ten seconds, the user simply stops using the application altogether.

More recent research from Google shows that even a half a second delay when requesting web page can result in a 20 percent decline in Web traffic. Clearly, end users are unforgiving when it comes to application performance.


Faster error detection, smaller clouds lots, or more concurrent users, all by easy diagnostics on your Mendix app.

What does APD do for organizations?

APD is designed to be used by both Mendix Developers and the teams that support their applications before, during and after an application is being built and deployed. When it comes to staying ahead of potential Mendix application performance issues, there simply is no substitute.

The primary benefits of an APD tool can specifically be defined are as follows:

We have more than 60 Mendix applications, I do not know what I would have done without APD. Manually search my logs? APD has saved me tons of hours.


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