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Application Test Suite

How ATS automates testing


Application testing is a crucial and often underappreciated element of the application development process. The more time and effort put into testing, the fewer the problems that will be encountered once an application is deployed in a production environment.

The challenge that organizations face is that there is only a finite amount of time available for testing. Application development deadlines are unforgiving. The more applications that are developed in parallel, the more complex that challenge becomes.

Manual testing processes simply can’t keep up with the pace of development. The only way to fundamentally address this issue is to automate as much of the testing process as possible.


Take the burden off your team with testing software that offers support for Mendix widgets & Mendix compatibility.

Automated testing plays a critical role in accelerating application development.

Key features of the Application Test Suite tool

The Application Test Suite applies the principles of keyword-driven testing, the fastest way to automate your functional tests. Define a test case in just a few minutes using out-of-the-box automation blocks.

Barrington Clarke

“After adopting ATS for our Data Terrorism Capture App. We can develop faster than we can test. Now that’s no longer the case!”.


Interested in using ATS in your low-code project?

Every customer is different and so are the apps that they make. Please contact us to learn more about your project, what your needs are and our team will assist you to succeed with ATS.


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