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Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Building low-code applications at scale require a continuous approach to automation

CICD Header

A CI/CD platform provides the means through which manual development, testing, and application delivery tasks are managed as a single highly automated continuous process.

This approach enables organizations to reduce the amount of time required to build and deploy applications while simultaneously enhancing overall quality by making sure fewer errors ever make it into the finished application.


How to bring the benefits of modern DevOps processes to low-code app development.


Why use CI/CD?

How to bring the benefits of modern Devops processes to low-code app development.


Interested in using CI/CD in
your low-code project?

Every customer is different and so are the apps that they make. Please contact us to learn more about your project, what your needs are and our team will assist you to succeed with CI/CD.


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“Keep your Mendix speed without compromising quality,” a complete low-code QA automation guide.