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Load Testing

Appreciating the value of Load testing

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Load-as-a-Service helps Mendix developers identify and solve application model issues that may impact application performance.

Whether you are predicting an increase in users, receiving feedback about slow load-times, or planning a “big bang” release for a large user group, a well-planned load test can validate that your application is meeting the expectations of users.


The real goal is to address issues before application performance becomes impacted.


What can you expect from Mendix Load testing?

What to expect from the Mendix Load-as-a-service package?

With the use of our very own Mansystems Mendix Load tool, we ensure that your application can handle the load of your predicted usage. Through putting demand on your application, we can measure its response using insights in resource usage, measure thresholds, and throughput on load.
With Load-as-a-service, we test the system through constantly and steadily increasing the load on the system until it reaches the threshold limit. With this, we can reduce the amount of time end-users have to wait while using the application and get confirmation from Mendix experts on the effectiveness of your application model.



Interested in starting our initial 6-day Load testing package?

Together, we will define a few initial scripts and begin running them on your application. After that, we can work together to define the possible next steps.


Tooling Guide eBook

Download the Tooling Guide

“Keep your Mendix speed without compromising quality,” a complete low-code QA automation guide.