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Why the SMART Digital Factory?

Low-code application development comes to the enterprise at scale

Why SDF Image

Software development has changed enormously in recent years thanks mainly to the rise of agile development methodologies and best DevOps practices such as continuous delivery. The issue organizations face now is that while it’s getting simpler to build and deploy applications, accomplishing that goal consistently at scale remains a significant challenge.

Low code development platforms have already proven themselves indispensable. More companies than ever are relying on low code development platforms to build robust applications that drive critical business processes spanning everything from emerging uses cases at the network edge to advanced cognitive computing services enabled by artificial intelligence (AI).

The one attribute all these projects share is there is an acute need to increase the rate at which these applications are developed without compromising the quality of the user experience.

Rise of low code application development platforms creates need for modern approach to automatic processes.


Hans Voorthuijzen

“The content of Mansystems, the knowledge they have, and the type of people who work there ensure that business applications are delivered not only quickly, but also robustly.”


The SMART Digital Factory makes it possible:


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